Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh

Located in the historical city of Melaka, Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh is a fully equipped tertiary care healthcare centre that has grown to become the preferred choice for patients in the southern region of Malaysia and beyond.

With an unwavering commitment towards patient comfort and holistic healing, we offer an extensive range of medical services and specialties supported by more than 100 highly reputable specialists.

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Specialties & Services
Cost of Treatment

Basic Costs

Treatment Cost (MYR)
Specialist Doctor Consultation 100 – 300

Price of Well-known or Highly Sought-After Procedures

Treatment Cost (MYR)
Angioplasty (1 stent) 27,000
Angioplasty (2 stent) 35,000
Angioplasty (3 stent) 48,000
Total Knee Replacement 28,000 - 37,000
Treatment Cost (MYR)
Cataract Surgery 5,000 - 8,600
Endoscopy 1,500 - 3,500
Colonoscopy 2,500 - 4,000
CABG 66,000-80,000


The cost of the above actions is an estimate ! The total cost of treatment later can be more or less, it all depends on the patient's condition, surgical technique, and drugs used.

Not all medical complaints can be provided with an estimated cost because sometimes the doctor wants to meet the patient before deciding on the action to be taken so that the cost of treatment will depend on the doctor's decision.

For more information on the cost of treatment, call us at +6221-2789 9788 or WhatsApp

Rooms & Rates

Wards - Four-Bedded
- RM 90.00+ per night
Wards - Two-Bedded
- RM 116.00+ per night
Wards - Single Bedded
- RM 221.00+ per night
Wards - Single Bedded (Deluxe)
- RM 315.00+ per night
Wards - Deluxe Suite
- RM 399.00+ per night
Wards - VIP Suite
- RM 504.00+ per night
Wards - Cubicle for Infant
- RM 75.00+ per night
Critical Care - Isolation Room for Adult
- RM 221.00+ per night
Critical Care - High Dependency Unit (HDU)
- RM 210.00+ per night
Critical Care - Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
- RM 305.00+ per night
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit(NICU) - Incubator
- RM 65.00+ per night
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit(NICU) - Bassinet
- RM 48.00+ per night

The Management reserves the right to change these prices without prior notice & pricing is correct at publish time.

Latest Packages and Promotions

Executive Packages (By Specialist)
  • Standard: RM 330
  • Cardiac: RM 399
  • Deluxe: RM 730
  • Prestige: RM 830
Golden Age Health Screening Program
RM  330 - 580
Cataract Package
RM  3,500 - 6,999 (T&C applied)
Medical Officer Package
  • General: RM 300
  • Wellness (Male): RM 430
  • Wellness (Female): RM 430
Heart CT Scan Package
RM  2,500
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