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At Prince Court, our aim is to be the leading healthcare provider in Asia that delivers precision, passion, and a commitment to clinical excellence.

With world-class facilities, innovative technology, and exceptional customer service, we offer top quality, comprehensive, and personalised medical care that meets the highest international standards.

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Cost of Treatment

Basic Costs

Treatment Cost (MYR)
Specialist doctor consultation 235
Medical Check-Up start from 600

Price of Well-known or Highly Sought-After Procedures

Treatment Cost (MYR)
Appendicectomy - Laparoscopic start from 18,000
Thyroidectomy start from 20,000
Haemorrhoidectomy start from 11,000
Lasik start from 3,700
Normal Delivery start from 10,000
Cesarean Delivery start from 15,000
Angioplasty start from 22,000 (1 stent)
Total Knee Replacement start from 41,000
Treatment Cost (MYR)
Cataract Surgery start from 7,500
Endoscopy start from 3,000
Colonoscopy start from 3,000
Bariatric Surgery start from 27,500
Breast augmentation start from 32,000
Eyelid surgery start from 22,000
Nose implant start from 40,000
Liposuction start from 20,000


The cost of the above actions is an estimate. The total cost of treatment later can be more or less, it all depends on the patient's condition, surgical technique, and drugs used.

Not all medical complaints can be provided with an estimated cost because sometimes the doctor wants to meet the patient before deciding on the action to be taken so that the cost of treatment will depend on the doctor's decision.

For more information on the cost of treatment, call us at +6221-2789 9788 or WhatsApp


May 17, 2023, 09:47 AM
Title : Suite
Price : RM 1,388
Remark :
Sort number : 30
  • Separate room with single bed
  • Admission Kit (One set per admission)
  • Kettle/Flask
  • Safe Deposit Box
  • LCD TV With ASTRO x2
  • Private Bathroom x2
  • Mini-fridge
  • Valet Parking x1

Health Screening Packages

Male PackagesFemale Packages
  • Above 60 Years - Senior Well Man: RM1,150
  • Above 50 Years - Signature Male: RM1,800
  • Above 40 Years - Well Man: RM1,500
  • Below 40 Years - Vibrant Male: RM900
  • Essential Package - Male: RM600
  • Above 60 Years - Senior Well Woman: RM1,200
  • Above 50 Years - Signature Female: RM2,050
  • Above 40 Years - Well Woman: RM1,650
  • Below 40 Years - Vibrant Female: RM1,100
  • Essential Package - Female: RM600
Treatment Procedure
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1. Select Doctor
1. Select Doctor
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